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Our Staff

Starting from general to specialized, all our employees have been well-trained in imparting quality education to children. Our staff is experienced, dedicated and would not hesitate to motivate your child to bring out the best in him. Our general staff includes caretakers who are in constant vigilance for child’s security which is one the major priorities for them. Our specialized team has excelled in a set of skills and would certainly take a step ahead in identifying your ward’s specific talent. Our institution focuses on development process more than learning. Hence, our faculty members have been given special instructions to prioritize the child’s proper upbringing in a school environment rather than making him/her more textbook oriented.

Holistic approach to education

More priority is given to child’s overall development

Teaching life essentials such as manners respect and courtsey

Give them an insight of things rather than getting them into textbooks

Developing their thinking tendencies

Various activities have been divided well among staff according to their expertise levels and are entitled to impart the best developing experience for your kids. They ensure all the activities are conducted under strict security and supervision as well as children get to know about their activity not as a part of their academic, but as a part of their interests.

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