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Day Care

To create the environment of learning and fun, it is essential that our institute is equipped with services that make it possible. You will be amazed too, when you will read the following list that how far we go as far as services are concerned just to get that extra edge that will help us stand out from the crowd and will ensure the smooth and safe learning experience for your child.

Hygiene: We maintain a strict cleanliness schedule and that hygiene is guaranteed at all the time. We have professional workers and habit of maintaining hygiene is encouraged whenever possible.

Fully AC: The classrooms and activity halls are all entirely air-conditioned. This ensures that the room is kept at the adequate temperature for the stress-free and comfortable learning experience

Food: Healthy and balanced diet is provided to children for their overall growth and development. Hygiene is maintained throughout the cooking and food handling.

Activities: The dedicated period is allotted for extra-curriculurs, sports, and fun activities.

Sleep Time: have sleep time between the activities.

Playtime: Free fun time for kids to enjoy their childhood.

Safety and Transparency: We have transparent fee structure and curriculum for the activities. Parents can ask anything about their child’s progress, fees, etc.

Crafted By Experts: Experts craft the programs, and it is well reflected in the progress of the children.

CCTV: For safety reasons, we have CCTV’s at every corner.

Suppertime: To keep the keep the tummy filled and mood of the students happy, we provide tasty supper like Sandwiches, Bread Toast, Bread Jam, Oats, etc.

Health: It is of paramount importance and therefore, care is taken that students remain healthy.

All our students attend workshops and seminars to sharpen their skills and we use most updated methods to teach students.

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