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Many students have a unique attachment towards maths, and hence, abacus can be utilized the best technique to enhance their problem-solving skills. Abacus teaches simple mental calculations using beads starting basics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solving complex problems for students above the age of 6. To enhance the students’ ability to solve calculation mentally, abacus should be made a priority. Also, our institute focuses on preparing your ward for various challenges ahead through creative activities such as:

  •   Match my move abacus game

  •   Counting game

  •   Addition strategy i.e.

  •   The 10 Strategy

  •   The Two 5s Strategy

  •   Teaching Money

  •   Multiplications

  •   Teaching Place Value

  •   Adding Larger Numbers with an Abacus

  •   Model How to Count to a Number Greater than 10

  •   Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers

  •   Adding Two-Digit Numbers

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